Timothy John Keefe’s Amazing Career

Rob Neyer on his ESPN Sweetspot Blog has been talking about the ‘Hall of Amazing’ and includes Omar

Tim Keefe baseball card N162

Image via Wikipedia

VizquelJamie Moyer and Jim Abbott as inductees to this fine virtual hall.

But, Mr. Neyer is staying too much in present times. There is an amazing pitcher that surely doesn’t get his due. Tim

Keefe. Now I know that Tim Keefe is in the Hall of Fame takes away his eligibility from the ‘Hall of Amazing’, bit I want to make a pitch for an exception.

His 342-225 record and a 1887 visit the a sanitarium hinder his first try at the HOF in 1936. He was elected by the veterans committee in 1964. But Keefe won his 342 did this from 1880-1893. What makes it amazing? Here are some of the pitching changes that happen during that time:

  • Pitching distance moved from 50′ to 60’6″
  • Went from being allowed ONLY a bent elbow to any motion at all.
  • Went from pitching in a “box” to pitching from a slab.
  • Number of strikes went from 3 – 4 -3.
  • Number of balls went from 8 – 7 – 6 – 7 – 6 – 7 – 5 – 4
  • Up until 1887, the batter could call for a high or low pitch.

During these changes, Keefe was a very consistent pitcher. Now, if that doesn’t deserve a HOF to Hall Of Amazing cross-over, I don’t know if ANYTHING will.

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