Should have seen *this* coming

Bah …Everybody should have seen this coming. When the newly elected members of Congress decided to read the Constitution in session AND then retrofitted the changes into the reading, this was a possible outcome.

“This morning for the time in  the history of the House of Representatives, we will read aloud the full text of the Constitution of the United States,” said Goodlatte. “We hope this will inspire many more Americans to read the Constitution. The text we are reading today reflects the changes to the document made by the 27 amendments to it. Those portions superceded by amendments will not be read.

Some people now seemingly retrofitting history in the same way Congress retrofitted the reading of the Constitution. What people seem to forget is that the Founding Fathers knew they were not perfect. They understood their limitations, and the designed a compromise document is designed for change. It was not supposed to be *easy* to change, but the document was flexible enough to overcome the imperfection of the people that are ruled by it.

But, as is too often the case these days. People would rather retrofit the past instead of learning about the past and apply that knowledge to the present.

Nope, it is easier to throw a tantrum and claim that history was written wrong.

Just me thoughts.

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