NFL players think you are stupid

They must think we are stupid, otherwise this story makes no sense.

During the Bears/Packers games (or Cubs/Brewers game as *this* baseball fan called it), Jay Cutler received a grade II tear on his MCL. This cause him to leave the game.

Apparently Mr. Jones meant this tweet as a joke:

All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee… I played the whole season on one…

Note: I find this odd, as Mr. Jones sat out games with his knee injury. Near the end of the season, when his team was fighting for a playoff spot.

Later, Mr. Jones backpedals a bit:

Everyone please read this. So you can understand I was not taking a shot at jay cutler

In the article, he says:

“I never attacked him, called him soft or a sore loser,” Jones-Drew in a telephone interview Monday. “I never questioned his toughness. I think people took my joke out of context. I was taking at shot at Florida fans.”

Oh .. I see .. he wasn’t making fun of Jay Cutler, he was using Jay Cutler to make fun of Florida fans.

Mr. Jones, just admit to it. Without a full understanding of Mr. Cutler’s knee injury, you used him quit to mock Florida fans. He said you played a full season on a bad knee (which was a lie, you missed games). Then you backpedaled on it.

Geesh. Man up. Admit you made a mistake and promise to leave the comedy to people who are actually funny. Don’t think that fans are so stupid they won’t notice when you publicly put your foot in your mouth after you bad mouth somebody in your own profession.

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