A Quick GoDaddy Update

Funny after a twitter update and a blog posting, GoDaddy responds.

Either I agree to paying $199 AND proving that I do opt-in before sending emails OR agree to not send emails they’ll free the domain.

OR I pay them $75 and they agree to cancel the domain.

Now, once again. Since I *don’t* send emails I can’t agree to the first part. I had a TOS on MYTURL.COM that said, basically, you agree not to use these in SPAM. But I can’t opt-in for email address.

Next, they don’t want the domain I have offered to move it several times. I ain’t paying $75.

I also asked to talk to a supervisor. In fact, I have asked that almost 20 times. Still the same response:

 Go Daddy has a strict anti-spam policy, Go Daddy customers are required
 to be able to provide conclusive proof of prior consent for any
 individual they send advertisements to. This also applies to the actions
 of any party that generates traffic on your behalf. This includes, but
 is not limited to, 3rd party marketers, business partners, employees,
 mailing list providers and affiliates.
 We have supplied an example address from a complaint in order to allow
 you to investigate the situation and show proof of prior consent to
 receive your mailings. Proof of prior consent can be provided by
 supplying the information outlined below.
 A. Provide server logs showing when the complainant connected to your
 site and subscribed, opted-in, or consented to receive marketing
 information from your organization. This information must include the
 * Time/Date of opt-in/subscription/consent.
 * IP address of the web server the complainant used to connect to your
 * Referral URL.
 B. Provide a detailed explanation of how the example email address was
 obtained, provide a copy of any confirmation messages, complete with
 header information, that this individual sent to you when they consented
 to receive marketing information from your company.
 C. In addition to the information outlined above, please forward all
 contact information you have for this individual along with any other
 relevant information that you feel supports your claim of prior consent.

Maybe* I am stupid, but I really fail to see where *I* met any of that criteria but GoDaddy is insisting that I did. Since the MYTURL.COM address in question was sent out when MYTURL.COM was down, it is clear that something is amiss. Instead of helping, GoDaddy simply wants money.

So, if anybody has any ideas I’m up for hearing them but .. at this time .. it looks like MYTURL.COM is dead because, basically, GoDaddy wants it to be.

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