Baseball, HOF, and PEDs

The biggest problem, that I can read, current journalist have against PEDs and the Hall of Fame voting for Cooperstown boils down to this: The journalist *completely* whiffed on the story.

The PEDs story, now, has the hint of exaggeration as a cover up for missing the story. The issue is now too big and entering the conversation too often. Greenies and the like, helped give players an extra boost, were used for YEARS until the MLB make a crackdown on them. There is little talk of how the usage of this illegal narcotic may have effect the performance of players. Everybody *knew* they were being used, but was talked about little.

But steroids and HGH get the big talk. Suspected of ‘roid usage? You aren’t making it to the Hall. Admit to using it? Reporters are not going to give you a break, no matter how good your numbers were over any span of time. Journalist are upset, with themselves, and using their voting power to lash out at the players.

Perhaps, in addition to talk of asterisks next to stats*, there should be talk of  asterisks next to the Hall of Fame votes**?

* Stupid

** Not as stupid

Just me thoughts

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