Me Thoughts: Eric Mangini

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that Eric Mangini and his coaching staff are on the outs as the coach of the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, wins and losses for the rest of the year will not decide their fate.

If this turns out to be true, then I say Holmgren should follow Mangini out of Cleveland.  This is *not* because I am a fan of Mangini’s coaching ability.  What I am, is a realist.  It would be an incredibly dumb move to fire and entire coaching staff at the end of *this* year.  Why? The lack of claritywith the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the NFL and the NFLPA and specifically the threat of a lockout.

Firing an entire coaching staff means you need to replace it.  You also have to bring players up to speed on new offensive and defensive systems.  It takes time to do these things.  If there is a lockout, coaches will not be able to contact the players, hold practices, etc.  Depending on how long the lockout last, OTAs, training camp, pre-season and even games might be affected.  During this time, your coaches and teams are not able to work on the new systems.

Many teams see this and you’ll probably see the Vikings and Cowboys make their current coaches as ‘permanent’ quickly after the season ends.  With teams wanting to keep staffs together, it puts teams replacing staff in a position that they might not get to interview or hire coaches they want.  Until the labor issues are settle, teams are going to try to keep their staffs together.

So, if Holmgren fires the entire staff and attempts to replace it, he leaves the Browns in a very bad position.  Quite simply, he might have difficulty putting together and staff AND giving the staff the time needs to prepare the team.

At this point, if Holmgren wants to make a change, he would need to promote from within but keep the systems stable for the time being.  Anything short of that, with the labor issue still pending, puts the team in a worse position that it currently is in.

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